Implantable Patch for Controlled Drug Delivery


This invention is a biocompatible, biodegradable, multi-layer implantable patch for the controlled delivery of bioactive molecules. The biocompatibility of this patch facilitates the release of a precise amount of drug or other bioactive molecule to a specific region of the body over a desired period of time. The implantable patch has been utilized in multiple medical applications including localized delivery of analgesics to treat postoperative pain, sustained delivery of growth factors to promote vascularization, and even to direct tissue regeneration through the self-direction of autologous stem cells for organ remodeling.


Stage of Development


In vitro data: When compared to free bioactive molecules, the patch displayed significantly less cellular internalization, apoptosis, and overall toxicity.

In vivo data: The patch showed sustained release of bioactive molecules up to 21 days after implantation without any signs of toxicity in animal models.


Competitive Landscape


Transdermal devices are capable of slowly administering drugs over an extended period of time, however; they often fail to consistently deliver all of the drug beneath the outer layer of the skin, resulting in the majority of the drug not being absorbed. Existing implantable drug delivery devices also are unsuitable for these medical applications due to lack of biocompatibility and inability to grow with the patient. Thus, an implantable, drug delivery platform that is biocompatible, biodegradable, and has an improved ability to consistently and effectively deliver bioactive molecules in a localized, targeted, and controlled-release fashion is still urgently needed.


Competitive Advantages


•       Increased loading capacity compared to other platforms

•       Tunable release kinetics

•       Improved drug delivery to deep-tissue sites

•       Reduced addictive potential (for pain medications)

•       Reduced cytotoxicity compared to free bioactive molecules

•       Easy to store, pack, sterilize, and handle in surgery


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Sandhya Raghuraman

Francesca Taraballi
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