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Apoliprotein-B Functionalized Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery to Atherosclerotic Plaques
This invention is a proteolipid nanoparticle platform functionalized with apolipoprotein B-100 for localized delivery of therapeutic compounds to atherosclerotic plaques, termed aposomes. Apolipoprotein B-100 is a crucial functional and structural component of low density lipoproteins (LDLs) and therefore plays a critical role in cholesterol transport...
Published: 5/29/2020   |   Inventor(s): Ennio Tasciotti, Roberto Molinaro, Christian Boada Sandoval
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Therapeutic > Drug Delivery, Technology Classifications > Therapeutic > Nanovesicles, Clinical Area > Cancer, Clinical Area > Metabolic Disease, Inflammation, and Immunology, Research Area > Heart and Vascular, Research Area > Nanomedicine, Clinical Area > Cardiovascular