Leukocyte-Derived Nanoparticle for Targeted Delivery to Inflamed Tissues


This invention is an engineered biomimetic platform composed of lipid-based nanoparticles functionalized with leukocyte membrane proteins, herein referred to as leukosomes, which are capable of targeting vascular inflammation. Integration of these leukocyte proteins within the nanoparticle allows for a customizable platform which can be loaded with small molecules or genetic cargo to treat various inflammatory diseases, including cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and atherosclerosis.


Stage of Development


In vitro data: Leukosomes were uniform in size and shape, contained consistent membrane protein incorporation and encapsulation efficiency, and possessed reproducible drug payloads and release profiles. 

In vivo data: Preliminary mouse studies showed that leukosomes exhibited superior accumulation in tumors and vascular lesions. Drug-loaded leukosomes displayed favorable toxicity profiles compared to drug alone.


Competitive Landscape


Most strategies for developing targeted nanoparticles have primarily focused on the addition of antibodies to the surface of the nanoparticle. However, recent efforts have been made to develop cell membrane-coated nanoparticles for targeted delivery of therapeutic cargo. While these nanoparticles have shown significant progress in mimicking the physical properties of the source cell and leveraging the functions of that cell, the production process appears to be complex and difficult to standardize. Our technology improves upon this approach by achieving similar effects and utilizing a more standardized manufacturing strategy. 


Competitive Advantages


•       Consistent capacity to load, retain, and release therapeutic cargo

•       Increased safety due to non-immunogenicity and targeting capabilities

•       Easy scale-up process due to high availability of components and simple synthesis protocol

•       Increased stability and simple storage procedures


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