Medication Administration Protection System (MAPS)


This technology, Medication Administration Protection System (MAPS), is for the detection and prevention of medication errors.  This software is designed to be incorporated within the electronic medical record system and will give real time guidance to medical personnel as to when to give a prescribed medication or whether to hold a medication based on active visual signals.  Methods to circumvent medical errors, which are now classified as the third leading cause of death in the U.S., are in dire need and MAPS would be an attractive approach.


Stage of Development


Proof of concept data


Competitive Landscape


•       Universal software product which can be integrated into any medical record system

•       Retrieval and cross check of patient medical records with clinical decision support tools to produce warning signals

•       Real time monitoring

•       Enhanced patient care and save lives

•       Reduce high cost of medical errors


Competitive Advantages


•       Currently, there is no other software on the market integrated within the electronic medical record to detect and prevent medication errors via visual signals to the healthcare provider.  MAPS would provide such advantages by enhancing patient care and outcomes and reducing the exorbitant costs of medical errors.


Intellectual Property


Non-Provisional Patent filed - November 9, 2019


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Belisa Diaz

Brian Parrish