Discoidal Polymeric Nanoconstructs for Cancer Theranostics




The invention is discoidal, polymeric nanoconstructs with superior properties and a method of manufacturing the particles with improved control of particle size, shape, surface properties and mechanical stiffness. The particles are useful for systemic delivery of one or more imaging agents and / or therapeutic agents to particular cell types in the body.



Many cancer therapeutics are toxic in themselves or are so unstable or insoluble that high doses are needed for systemic administration in order for an effective dose to reach the tumor site. Containing and targeting delivery of these active agents and imaging agents is important to deliver agents effectively to tumors and to reduce the systemic side effects of current drugs both by containing them and releasing only at the site of treatment and also by being able to give a lower overall dose of active agent.



  • Unprecedented tumor accumulation of over 10% ID/g tumor even without targeting means high signal to noise ratio for early cancer detection and high dose deposition of active agents for thermal ablation and multidrug therapy.
  • Precise control over size, shape, surface and stiffness of particles produced.
  • Can be loaded with a variety of payloads e.g. SPIO’s for MRI imaging, 64Cu for nuclear imaging, fluorophores for optical imaging etc.
  • Can be loaded with anti-cancer drugs and imaging agents simultaneously for use as a theranostic.
  • Can be used for thermal ablation therapy.
  • Magnetically draggable / steerable to the site of treatment.
  • Improved fabrication process improves the yield and quality of the particles compared to current methods.
  • Reduced fabrication time.



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